A “supreme hunting dog” modestly describes the Korthals Griffon. Easy to teach, devoted to the family and a kind attitude in general make it recommendable to everyone who knows it. 
Hunters of hunters, the Korthals Griffon is a medium sized and wirehaired pointing dog and collector. The eyes are large and round; the ears, medium sized, well flat on the head; the nose should be brown; bite in scissors. The neck is quite long; the back strong and firm; the chest is not to wide and not too narrow; strong and well developed kidney; the tail is docked to a third or half. Long and well sloped shoulders; straight forelegs; round feet and firm with closed webbed feet; long well angled legs, not open or closed hocks; well angled, strong tarsus and hocks. The coat is double with a medium lengthed hair, that is straight and hard (not curly or woolly) with a less abundant undercoat but water resistant, with fine lint thick. The face adorns (whiskers, eyebrows, ears) give it a disheveled look. There are no striped on the tail. The color is preferably steel gray with brown spots; also chestnut brown or roan, white and brown, white and orange. The coat cannot be black.
The Korthals Griffon puppy, although there is not much demand, is happy to meet the demand of a serious owner. 
This hunting dog is not very extended in the US and England, it is European – and a hunter with multiple talents, with skills superior to other known breeds. It is athletic and easy to train, and has much more energy than many hunters. At home it is peaceful and affectionate, very bonded to the family. Socialization is essential, since some specimens tend to be timid.
The Korthals Griffon puppy is born white with a brown head. After a week, a brown molted emerges, and after three weeks the spots and brown pattern emerges. The breed is slow to mature, and doesn’t reach maturity until after two and a half or three years. The buyer should avoid too large puppies. This is a medium sized puppy. It is a very sensitive breed, and of course a timid puppy should be avoided, seeking a cheerful and extrovert puppy. Avoid a soft and/or curly coat, it should have a wiry quality, even as a puppy. Breeders observe that it is an active breed, but not hyperactive. The adolescent should be easy to train, intelligent with a good character.
The Korthals Griffon puppies bond to their owners. Choose the extrovert, happy puppy as the best possible hunter for hunting. 
Delighted to be here! Exclaims the “happy hunter”. This puppy is marking its first “pointing”. Most experts agree that the Korthals Griffon is only apt for a sporty person or family. O
The Korthals Griffon is not usually a victim of serious hereditary diseases. However, there is hip dysplasia, although with little incidence. The breed’s wire hair requires weekly attention, plucking and trimming, to keep it in shape. Knot formations in the undercoat can cause skin problems and make it prone to parasites. The hair around the eyes, mouth, ears and anus should be kept especially clean to avoid infections. This work dog is resistant, since it is better on the hands of sporty people that can offer an outlet to its strong hunting instinct and desire to work. The Korthals is playful and curious, and needs a fenced garden. Longevity is at ten years or more.