One of the largest secrets in the world is before you in the Kuvasz: a very professional, powerful, harmonious working dog, without being ruined by popularity or careless breeding.   
A white working dog, with an exceptional balance, with a robust built and great size, the Kuvaz is well muscled, with a medium bone structure, it stands from 71 to 76 cm, 66 to 71 cm in the female. It is very important that the head is proportionate, longer than wide. The almond shaped eyes and well separated, as dark as possible; the ears are thick, “V” shaped, with the tips rounded, well inserted.  The muzzle is proportional to the length of the head, flat at the surface, not pointy. The muscled neck, is medium length, without dewlap; the back is medium length; short and muscular kidneys; the chest deep, the thorax wide. The tail is low inserted and reaches the hock. The withers is higher than the back; the limbs, the bone is not too heavy; the femur, long, creating good angulations. The luxurious coat is double, with a fine undercoat, and the external protective hair is straight or somewhat wavy; at the neck and chest the hair is more abundant, stripes at the limbs. The hair should be immaculate white; the skin pigmentation, preferably dark. The male weighs between 50 and 57 kg; the female between 35 and 40 kg. Weigh a little under in the FCI standard. The type and quality is more important than the size, but the males under 66 cm and the females under 60 cm are disqualified from the show rink.
With an attractive appearance, the Kuvaz attracts more people who wish a pretty guardian dog, which doesn’t look like a monster. It is elegant and strong, and with due socialization and channeling its natural territorial instinct, it becomes an excellent guardian. It is reliable with children, although not as tolerant and suffered as a Golden Retriever, to mention a patient breed. Time should be invested in its exercise and training since it is a large and intelligent dog.
An image of good health and great intelligence, the Kuvasz was born to protect children. It doesn’t accept strangers so easily, and always is politely suspicious. Its devotion and patience is innate, as its ability to act on its own. 
A smart dog, with genius and dominant traits, and large size, requires an experienced owner for its education and socialization. The owner should be consistent, otherwise the Kuvaz will always test and will soon dominate the family herd.
The Kuvaz has numerous litters, and supplementary food might be necessary. After eight weeks, the Kuvasz weighs a good 6.5 to 9 kg, the males usually more than the females. Physical maturity is reached over the 18 months, although it keeps adding substance, especially the male. In addition to good structure, the buyer should seek good character in the parents, and a natural suspicion in the puppy (which should not be confused with shyness). Adolescence is marked by the change of fur from puppy to adult, and which should be short, straight and thick. In this phase it should be brushed a lot more, to remove the dead hair and avoid knotting. These out of the ordinary care repeats on each seasonal shedding. During the adolescence, the dominance and guarding instinct also emerges, and the Kuvasz usually tries its owner in this phase, in which it is vital that the owner show firm and constant. Due socialization and training will make the Kuvasz a reliable, loyal and guardian partner.
A suspicious puppy shows the typical disposition of the Kuvasz. Do not confuse this desirable trait with shyness in a puppy.
As in other millenarian working breeds that have never been excessively bred, it is very resistant to disease and there are few hereditary and congenital problems. The largest concern of course is hip dysplasia, to which this large breed is prone. Only puppies from dysplasia free certified breeders should be bought. Skin problems are present as well, which usually affect abundant haired breeds (especially with a white coat). Daily brushing, especially if thick undercoat, can limit their existence. The average longevity is under ten years.