Immortalized by Rembrandt in La Madonna, the current Medium Schnauzer has simply been set aside by the buying public. It is the oldest of the three acknowledged sizes and amongst its several talents we can count shepherd, mice hunter, collector and police dog. Own. Gabrio del Torre and Rita Holloway.
A dog with a robust built and medium size, with a typical hard and thick coat, ornate with arched eyebrows, moustache and beard, the Medium Schnauzer with its strong bones and well muscled, stands between 47 and 49 cm (the female 2.5 cm less). For the FCI between 45 and 50 cm. It is square in proportion, the body length equals the height. The head is rectangular and long; the eyes medium sized, oval and dark brown; the ears are high inserted, erect and cropped or not, “V” shaped, carried forward (never dropping); the skull is flat, never rounded; the muzzle strong; well developed cheekbones but not exaggerated; scissor bite. The neck is strong and with moderate thickness and length, well arched; the upper outline horizontal; the back straight, strong and short; the body compact, the chest medium width; stomach slightly tucked, not too much; the tail very high inserted and carried high, without docking (not squirrel type), the FCI docks at the third vertebrae, but nowadays it can only be done in countries that allow it. The shoulders sloping and strongly muscled; straight forelegs; muscled hind legs, not higher than the shoulders; wide legs well angled. The coat is hard, tight and very dense: the undercoat soft and dense, the external hair rough. The two possible colors are salt and pepper (with a combination of black and white hairs creating a dark grey to silver grey appearance. The external hair should never seem rust, brown, yellow or tan, or spotted or stripped, nor lacking pepper.
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR             
Extremely loyal to “its people”, the Medium Schnauzer is a one person, or family dog. It gets along with children if they have grown up together. It is highly territorial, and its family is its family, so friends rarely enter their circle. Therefore it is an excellent guardian and uses its deep bark. It has a good memory and is very consistent in its taste. Altogether its intelligence, easy training and desire for fun, make it a perfect companion choice. It doesn’t always get along with other dogs and it should not be trusted with small mammals such as hamsters and mice. After all it is a natural exterminator.
The Medium Schnauzer weighs from 200 to 340 g at birth and is usually black. During the first weeks, traces of a lighter color will appear which will extend as it grows. Growth pace can vary.  The ears can be left natural, or be cropped; the tail and dewclaws are docked during the first days, all of this in countries where it is not forbidden, otherwise, it is left natural. After eight weeks the weight should be between 3.5 and 5 kg. Some specimens can have a growth sprout when small, while others can seem too small and then grow quickly. Maximum height is reached at around a year, although complete maturity is not reached until after three or even five years. The buyer should seek a well socialized puppy. Puppies need constant socialization during puberty. Breeders recommend basic schooling for puppies as well as similar training/socialization. The adolescent will attempt to test the house rules. Hair change requires special care.
In England and many other continental countries only dropped ear specimens can be sold. Own. Dorothee Henne.
A socialized Schnauzer is the only advised to acquire. Look for an extroverted puppy, used to people and several situations. Since the breed’s largest problems is behavior, socialization and education are key to having a Schnauzer as an ideal partner. 
A Schnauzer is truly a dog for life, which can potentially live 17 years. 
The Medium Schnauzer is a resistant, active, intelligent, long lived breed that can last from 15 to 17 years. Most problems are behavioral. Poorly socialized dogs, traumatized by inadequate handling, and ignored dogs. Hair care is considerable and vitally important. As the Miniature Schnauzer, the Medium can suffer a specific follicular dermatitis called Schnauzer Comedo Syndrome. Regular trimming seems to reduce its incidence. Conjunctivitis caused by hair irritation and progressive retinal atrophy has also been documented. In elder specimens there are cases of fatty tumors and adenomas. Also a few heart affections and failures are a cause of death for elder specimens. Some specimens may suffer pulmonary stenosis and kidney stones. There are also food and flea allergies.