The Petite Chien Lion receives its name from its fabulous leonine trim, leaving the neck and head mane, and adorns at the feet and tail. This is a small dog standing from 25 to 33 cm, and that can have different tonalities of solid colors, or color combinations, except for brown (chocolate, liver). The head is short and wide in proportion; the eyes round and dark; the ears dropping, long, with abundant hair bristles; the nose is black or brown, according to the coat; the neck with a good length and arched proudly. Straight and fine forelegs; the body short and well proportionate, with a straight upper outline. Well muscled hind legs. The tail is medium length, with a plume at the end. The hair, fine and silky, is quite large and wavy, never curled.
With a convincing king of the jungle trim, the Petit Chien Lion rules as one of the original lion dogs in Europe.
Despite its tiny size, the Petite Chien Lion is not like a typical lapdog, and it takes itself and its convincing lion trim very seriously. Excellent company at home, it also loves to play outside and is surprisingly resistant to cold many love snow. At home, it doesn’t dislike being seated with its owner and enjoy quiet time.
The Petit Chien Lion is a small dog, which should weigh 2 or 3 kg after eight weeks. According to breeders physical maturity is completed over the 18th month, although the maximum height is reached before. Since the color can change complete when becoming an adult, it is difficult for the breeder, and especially for the buyer to predict what the adult color will be. The buyer should look for a healthy looking specimen, well balanced, with a kind and extroverted personality. Since it is a relatively unknown breed, the interested party should investigate carefully and talk with breeders before choosing your puppy, and make sure to get every necessary information about diet, hair care and physical growth.
Puppies can experience an identity crisis, growing as a small dog dressed as a large feline. 
The color is a matter of taste and it is difficult to predict the adult color. The character and good health should be the primary concern.
Puppies exhibiting their first trim! The Petit Chien Lion should visit the canine barber shop for an adequate leonine style.
The Petite Chien Lion needs play and enjoys the company of children. It is a good apartment dog and can live alone or in couple. 
The Petite Chien Lion has been well kept in the hands of their dedicated amateurs, which have developed the breed from a very limited breeding base (in 1960 the Petit Chien Lion was catalogued as the “scarcest breed”). This shows, since usually the breeds coming from a limited breeding base are affected by thyroid, epilepsy, Von Willenbrand disease and Legg-Perthes. All of this seems not to be the case in this breed, although the interest party is recommended to select their puppy carefully, with all the sanitary information on the breeder. Currently the breeders are somewhat concerned by retinal progressive atrophy and kneecap luxation, two common hereditary defects in the domestic dog. To achieve the typical small lion “look”, professional grooming is necessary, unless the owner chooses to learn the art of trimming. For company specimens, who don’t attend shows, an easier domestic trim is frequent. The breed needs plenty of play time, and loves to run across a lawn.