A Delta division known as the POWARS program offers opportune help with animal owners with AIDS. This service helps the AIDS patient to keep his or her animal, through voluntaries that walk, feed, etc. the dogs. POWARS also takes care of the animal in the owner’s absence. We can say a lot about the man-dog bond and its relevance in our modern world.
In theory, the man-dog relationship should be easier for man. The dog has little demands, without ruling out basic needs. It is not as in human relationships, where our hopes fail so many times, choosing a dog to share our lives with should be relatively easy and satisfying. Understanding the dog’s mind and instinct traits will greatly help the owner. Dogs’ intelligence is estimated to be equal to a five year old child. Have in mind that nowadays five year old children do their homework in the computer and play complex videogames, which require mental a physical skills. Children, of course, are human; dogs are not, which is clear.  When the dog speaks, or is trying to tell us something, we don’t always understand it; this doesn’t mean that the dog is slow; on the contrary, it shows how important it is to understand basic canine language.

Dogs and cats have a tranquilizing effect on people. Teach children to treat company animals with kindness and respect since they are young.
Some experts assure that, after the most evolved primates and pigs, increasingly smart, dog is by far the most intelligent terrestrial animal. If we consider the type of tasks a dog is able to perform, we quickly understand the intelligence it should have. It is probable that we have only begun detecting its capabilities superficially. Society has given dogs many tasks, and dogs tackle each of them, according to their abilities with skill and wit. Dogs have been trained to find missing people in the Swiss Alps even if the person was buried under several feet of snow and ice. Dogs can learn to tell cocaine, heroin, marihuana and other illegal substances apart through smell, in the drug detection jobs.    
Similar feats have been performed by dogs in detecting arson. As handicapped assistants, dogs have learned to stop alarm clocks; hit the light, sink, elevator switches; open doors and pull wheelchairs. They have been taught to perform in movies, doing things that are camera tricks and not dog accomplishments to the un-dog-loving eye.

Dogs’ family is the most diverse in all species on earth, for which selecting a breed turns into a real puzzle. Some dogs have been developed for different types of work; others have evolved to fill an ecological niche; others have been bred for their external appearance, such as rarity, or without apparent reason. The future owner will want to examine different types of dogs, before going in depth on the different breeds. 

The Golden Retriever is amongst the most sociable and obedient of all dogs. The Golden can be trained to do anything, from land and water collector to discriminating smells and jumping from helicopters.