Formerly dozing next to Tibet monks, the chair of the Prince of Orange and in the same cell than Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, the Pug has had famous companions throughout the years. 
This breed receives different names depending on the country: Carlino, Pug, Mop, Doguillo; it is a square and compact dog, well proportionate and with a hard muscle. It weighs between 7 and 9 kg. The head is decidedly large, sturdy and round, but not apple shaped. The eyes are large and dark, balloon shaped and with a sweet expression. Ears can be in rose or button, but always thin, small and soft. The wrinkles are large and deep, and the muzzle should be short, snub and square, but not turned up. The bite has a slight lower prognathism. The neck is strong and thick, slightly arched. The back is straight and the chest wide. The tail, high inserted and strongly curled. Double curl is sought. Forelegs are strong and straight, and the elbows align with the withers. The hinds are very strong, medium sized, well angled hocks. The coat is fine, smooth, soft and shiny, not hard or woolly. We can find the Pug in silver, apricot, fawn or black, clearly marked with black on the muzzle, ears, orbits, with a thumb mark on the forehead and a stripe over the back.
Adventurous and adaptable, the Pug is a small dog, easy to care for, whose flexibility and talents make it a good option for any owner. The Pug is one of the most functional toy dogs, although it is not prepared for task of its molossers ancestors; and who is? However, it is a great helper in the garden at home, easy to educate and delighted in being useful. Due to its short muzzle, it is prone to snore and sneeze, but it is not serious. It loves children and other dogs.
It weighs between 113 and 255 g at birth. Due to its molossus origin, it doesn’t reach complete maturity until the third year, although it reaches it maximum height between 10 and 12 months. The adult color is visible since it’s a puppy, although it is modified and lightens when growing. The interested party should choose a dog with good substance and bursting health. The limbs should be straight, we should check that it can breathe right and has open nostrils, and that the eyes are shiny and free of scratches and not too bulgy. The female reaches sexual maturity at between 9 and 12 months. Lower prognathism is quite common in the breed, and results in a turned up face. Unlevel closing does not correct with age.
Here is a lot of dog in a small size. This could be the Pug’s motto and it is: multum in parvo. The Pug’s small size gives it charm, dignity and serenity and makes it attractive for a variety of owners with good taste. 
Be selective with your Pug puppy. Check it for clean eyes (not cloudy or too prominent), straight legs, bite with a slight prognathism, and apparently normal breathing. The puppy’s mother should have the same morphologic characteristics. Own. Alexander and Amy White.
The Pug, a breed made midget and brachicephalyc, is prone to hereditary defects. Cleft lips and palates, prolonged soft palate, unshaped nostrils are all possible congenital defect. Pug’s breathing is usually husky; if this is excessive, there can be sinus and/or nostrils. Although hip dysplasia is rare, leg dislocation is quite common, and breeders should examine this defect. Although not generalized, veterinarian data indicate kidney stone, keratoconjunctivitis sicca and sub aortic stenosis cases. Amongst the largest health concerns are injuries, especially around the eyes. Skin rashes are also frequent, starting by the creases, for which the owner should keep such creases clean and dry; same happens with the ears. As for the rest, care is simple. The healthy Pug usually eats well, and the owner should prevent overweight, which can cause heart attacks and back problems. Overweight also reduces heat resistance which is low on its own. Entropion and Legg-Perthes disease cases have also been reported. The Pug lives between 12 and 14 years.
The Pug can easily turn into the Tasmanian Devil if carelessly spoiled: it can acquire a notably devilish, unpleasant and mean character. Treat it kind and consistently so that same Pug is smart, affectionate and charming.