Selecting The Right Dog

Get a hold of a breed’s standard copy, and read it thoroughly. The breed standard is an exact description of the ideal morphologic appearance the breed should display in a show ring. Even if you are not interested in dog exposition, the standard will indicate the flaws that should be avoided. Disqualifying defect are not mere esthetic inconvenient, they are undesirable structural problems for the breed. The word “type” is an important word when evaluating a pure breed puppy. This word is often found in the breed standards. The American kennel Club (AKC) defines the word “type” as following: “The characteristic qualities that distinguish the breed; the incarnation of the essential standard points”. In lay words, type is what sets one breed apart from the other. The type distinguishes your Golden Retriever from your Labrador Retriever; your Shih Tzu, from a Maltese Bichon. They are elements of size, color, character, facial traits and expression and many indescribable details. We can say that if you love the Shih Tzu, but would like to find a white one, you probably don’t like the Shih Tzu… but the Maltese. White is “typical” to the Maltese. Likewise, if you like the Labrador Retriever, but prefer a brindle coat, you probably want a Boxer, a brindle Tennessee Treeing, or a Mountain Cur, but not a Labrador Retriever. Every wonderful quality of individual breeds can only be expected in specimens that are typical breed representatives. Even so, unfortunately, there are some breeders that keep producing oversized Rottweilers, non athletic gold Golden Retrievers. Labrador Retrievers short as pigs and maniac toy Poodle… and many other pure breed dogs that are a mere caricature. 

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