As Irish, soft and strong as a pint of beer, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier reigned in its country as the general hunter, Terrier, guardian and companion. Its soft hair expresses its great heart, less aggressive and with less genius than other Terrier breed. 
A sports, firm and well balanced Terrier, whose battle cry is moderation: the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is not exaggerated; in structure and appearance it is a half way Terrier. As it name indicates, its coat is soft and silky, its wheat color, preferably warm. It stands between 46 and 48 cm to the withers, 49 cm for the KC, the female 2.5 cm less; it weighs between 16 and 18 kg, for the FCI and AKC, the female 14 – 16 kg; for the KC the males 16 – 20 kg and the females somewhat less. The head is well proportionate, moderately lenghthed and rectangular appearance; the eyes are medium sized and slightly almond shaped; the FCI adds no protuberances to its standard; the ears are small to medium sized, and slightly folded forward; the skull is flat and clean; the cheekbones not prominent; defined stop; strong muzzle; black and large nose. The neck is medium length, without dewlap; the back strong and straight; the chest; wide ribcage, not flat; the tail docked, in countries where it is allowed, otherwise it is left natural; round and compact feet. The forelegs straight; well developed; good hind angulations. The dewclaws should always be removed for the FCI, for the AKC it is elective and for the KC never. The adult coat is simple but never abundant, and should not be woolly or hard, not curled, cotton, open or straight. The FCI tells the state of the coat apart in dogs with or without trimming. Color: wheat varies intensity (it can have reddish hay, white or black).
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR             
Large for a Terrier, the Soft Coated is an excellent guardian. It is quite territorial and therefore very protective of its family.
A moldable good hearted personality, the Wheaten is an excellent family dog and competent vigilant. Alert and obedient, it delights the family members with its happy lifestyle. As a puppy it seems a toy doggy, but under its soft wheat coat it is all Terrier. It Ioves to do things: keep your Wheaten busy before it gets into trouble. It can be stubborn – not surprising in a Terrier – be firm and kind, and your dog will be obedient.
The Soft Coated puppy is all heart… who want an anxious puppy? 
The newborn weigh is 140 to 226 g. The color at birth varies, going from a light gay to almost completely black. The most common is brown or reddish brown. The nose and pads should be black after three weeks. The birth color will change considerably when growing. During the first months, a black mask and black line over the back is frequent, which disappear when growing, finishing in the typical wheat color. During old age, the Wheaten turns whiter, and loses its warm tone. During the fur change a daily brushing is at hand, since knotting is a real problem. The buyers should avoid puppies born blond, lacking pigmentation, and with yellow or green eyes, which are genetic defects. The Soft Coated doesn’t eat too much. It needs a high protein diet, perhaps with vitamin and mineral supplements.
The Wheaten’s past as a guardian and hunter has demanded that it is a strong and disease resistant animal, as it has proven to be. Although veterinarian research is not definitive, it seems that the Wheaten suffers few hereditary diseases; hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy have a limited incidence. The largest concern in the breeders is centered in heart problems, which seem to be a defect breed. Older specimens seem to fall victims of heart affections. Veterinarians report cases of lymphangiectasia in the Wheaten. For the rest, allergies and skin problems are frequent, and both affect the Wheaten. Hair care is quite considerable, with several half hour weekly sessions as a rule, which help prevent skin irritations and early detection of any problem. Some trimming is also necessary, and excessive hair around the eye, ear and anus areas should be removed to avoid infections.
The Soft Coated is easy to keep busy. This little one thinks it is in a circus.