Sport Dog Breeds

The called sports breeds descend from similar origins, and in this group we find breeds such as the Dalmatian, the Pointers, the Setters, the Spaniels and the Retriever. The pointing dogs are the oldest in this group and were used to point the prey. The water and land Spaniels include breeds to locate the partridge (“woodcock”, whereof Cocker) and others to lift birds from the bushes (“Springer” = lifters). Later the Setters were developed, from crossings between the pointing dogs and Springer dogs, when the tan arms arrived. These dogs locate the prey, and lift it when commanded. From all these breeds, the Retriever is the ones that conserve the molossers type, being heavier in the body and wider in the face. Amongst the breeds developed to bring the prey from water or land are the Labrador, the Golden, the Flat-Coated, and the Curly Coated Retriever, plus the Poodles, who in older times were bred exclusively to work in water. The miniature version of all these different breed groups have provided a great range of company dogs, as well as vermin hunters. The breeds called “toy” descend from midget mutations, which then were bred on purpose. Some are very old, such as the Little Italian Sighthound and the Chihuahua, while others are more recent, such as the toy Poodle, the Chinese Crested Dog and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Unfortunately the “toy” breeds receive bad press, claiming lack of use. Since nowadays most dog use is mostly company, the small breeds included in this midget groups is certainly excellent company for elderly people, domestic people and handicapped people, ideal for an apartment and the city.

Above: The Kuvash, originally bred to protect the herd, nowadays stands out as an excellent family watch dog, although it is not as popular as it deserves!

Below: It is not a small miracle; the Saint Bernard has served man in many ways, from a guardian to a search and rescue dog.
Bloodhound represents man’s search for perfection: its sense of smell is a thousand times more sensitive than ours.

The Weimaraner represents the best of sporting dogs, pointing dog, springer, lifter, and collector, everything in a beautiful dog!
Cavalier King Charles in four shiny colors awaiting royal treatment.
Also, Terriers are small, compact dogs, with strong musculature and hard hair. These dogs were developed to exterminate rodents and other vermin, mostly in the British Islands. Almost every Terrier breeds currently known come from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Terriers vary in size, from the Airedale (the largest) to the Yorkshire (the smallest). These dogs’ character is strong, brave and noisy, often stubborn, but very inventive.
Small Iris Terrier puppies: the Glen of Imaal is a rarely known Irish Terrier breed, but very tasteful.