Heavy at the body, bone and coat, the Terranova is well balanced and strong with a proud and dignified head carriage. It is a large and heavy dog, the height to the withers is form 71 cm in males and 66 cm in females, the males weigh between 64 and 69 kg, the females 15 kg less. The coat is smooth and water resistant, the latter is important for this swimmer’s work. The external coat is coarse, full and moderately lengthed, with a soft and thick undercoat. The Terranova’s head is massive with a wide skull and well developed occipital and cheekbones. The eyes, dark brown colored, are relatively small, deep and well spaced. The ears small, inserted back, triangular and with rounded tips. The head feint exempt, with a clean cut and wide muzzle. The head is strong and long to ease the head carriage; the back is strong, without bristles. The limbs ease good amplitude and stride. The solid colors include black and brown. The particolor Terranova is known as Landseer (British-American type), and is white with black spots.
From the Terranova coasts swims this miraculous web-footed dog, bursting with personality, kindness and Canadian pride.
Although black, the Terranova is a golden medal swimmer and companion, a great sports dog for a fun prepared family. 
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR             
It is difficult to find a flaw in the Terranova. The Terranova is one of the most gentle and affectionate dogs, incredibly athletic (especially in the water), and a delight with children. It also is big enough to stop an intruder (unless the intruder realizes that the Terranova is not a fighter). It is too large for the city life but adapts well to the domestic life, since it loves to slumber as any 70 kg dog. It has to be extroverted with an unquestionably happy attitude towards life. Be soft with it, since it is very sensitive and you can break its heart and make it jump if you treat it roughly.
Most Terranova puppies weigh more than 500 g, some even a kilo at birth. Hind dewclaws, if any, should be removed. Growth varies according to the lines and by individuals. However, the average in an eight week puppy is at 7.5 kg. This same dog should weigh between 35 and 40 kg after six months. The maximum height is reached after 18 months, but complete maturity is not reached after three years. In general, the character is excellent. The puppy should be kind and sweet, and should have little behavior problems during adolescence. The buyer should seek a physically balanced puppy, observing the bon structure and parent’s coat quality. The growing dog should take a prescription diet, and exercise carefully.
The Terranova can grow quickly, doubling its size in six months. The Landseer is a less known breed, a white and black masterpiece.
The Terranova listens as slowly as it moves and thinks. It should be rewarded with a convincing tone and it will respond when it pleases. Impatience and punishment can only ruin a Terranova. 
The Terranova is one of the most long-lived giant breeds, assuming it can exercise daily and never lacks quality attention. We say this because most problems suffered by the breed are the simple result of care lack, including skin infections, eye irritations, limps related to obesity, kidney stones, heart failures and heat strokes. The owner should always be aware of stomach torsion risk. You should feed your Terranova properly, trying to avoid overfeeding. Brushing should be done daily, to avoid knotting, humid dermatitis (clap formation), and the dog should be kept fresh. There are cases of hip dysplasia and other similar orthopedic problems. Every breeder should perform X – rays and certifications. There are cases of hypothyroidism in the breed. Swimming is an ideal exercise for these dogs, due to their natural affinity as for the fact of being low impact that enhances resistance. The Terranova loves to swim even at old age. It loves the company of man, and healthy, well kept specimens, can live 10 or more years. Veterinarians observe that the Terranova is very sensitive to anesthetics.