One of the best kept secrets in the US, the toy Fox Terrier was acknowledged by the United kennel Club in 1938 and since then has been the favorite toy in the Country. 
The toy Fox Terrier is an almost completely white dog with black and/or tan patches. It weighs between 1.5 and 3.5 kg, never more. The head is slightly rounded, not apple type as the Chihuahua; the muzzle is medium length, almost the same length as the skull, and somewhat pointy. The eyes are round, dark and prominent, although soft in expression; medium stop; pointy ears and “V” shaped, not too separate. The neck is moderate length and slightly arched; shoulders, sloped; the back, straight, not sunken or round at the ribcage; the tail is carried erect and high inserted (docked to 3/5); hindquarters, straight at the docks with strong legs; straight carpus; tucked stomach; hind limbs, straight with the feet facing forward. The coat is short and glossy (somewhat longer at the nape.
WHO IS IT RIGHT FOR             
Very versatile, the small toy Fox Terrier descends from small English hunting dogs, and still preserves a lot of instincts. It is affectionate and loves everyone. Protective with its people, it is a good guardian and watchdog. It is impressionable and will copy all your bad habits, so set a good example. The toy Fox Terrier needs love and affection. Teaching presents little problems and the breed is often a winner in obedience competitions. Americans find in the toy Fox Terrier a winner for many years!
For such a small dog. The toy Fox Terrier has great ideas. This intellectual doll is probably the best trained of all 2 kg dogs
Weight at two weeks is between 500 and 1,000 g. The growth and maturity rhythm can vary according to the lines and individuals. Maximum height can be reaches as soon as six months, although it is commonly reached at 12 months. The toy Fox Terrier is a unique American breed, and the buyer should acquire the puppy from acknowledged lines. Many Terrier type small puppies are sold as toy Fox Terrier, for which we should make sure they are pure breeds. The buyer should seek good bones and correct bites, as well as morphological aspects such as the head, eyes and shape of the ears according to the standard. Avoid long backs, bone frailty, and any symptom of skin or eye irritation.
The original alarm dog, the toy Fox Terrier can be programmed digitally to do anything, from waking you up to remind you to take your pills. It is ideal for an apartment, perfect for children and the elderly. 
Count the toy Fox Terrier amongst the healthiest of dogs, and the puppy’s health should be the same. Although the puppy seems ugly it shouldn’t be fragile or too excitable. Your choice should be an extrovert but calm puppy. 
All in all, the toy Fox Terrier is a small, resistant and healthy dog without hereditary problems. Breeders insist on the importance of choosing a puppy from healthy lines. The largest concerns of the breeders are in the eyes, bones and skin. Some lines are small boned, and the consequences can be complications, especially injuries. Skin problems also occur, especially allergies, Physical exercise requirements are normal. The toy Fox Terrier needs enough time to play and exercise to be happy and satisfied. It usually eats well, and overweight should be avoided as an adult, which can affect the bones and heart.