Why get a Dog

A best friend is he who knows all your flaws and appreciates you despite them. The saying “man’s best friend” referring to the dog has been used in websites, movies, stickers, tattoos or others. Despite its excessive use, there is still much true and insight in the expression. Nowadays, man is as flawed as ever, and dog still loves him.

Perhaps amongst man’s biggest flaws are his greed and selfishness, which have affected his friend the dog. We live in a high speed society, obsessed with speed and instant gratifications. People value spontaneity and efficiency. People buy dogs with their credit cards.

Too many times, those same people cannot pronounce the breed’s name that they have just purchased, but they do know it is the dog in vogue that month.

Education and premeditation, along with wisdom and craftsmanship, have been set aside, as well as the town’s old wise man.

If you intend to have a dog, you need certain education. You should know that a dog is a lot of work: we need to feed it and provide water for it, sort of like that Wandering Jew plant you have in the backyard; it needs attention, time and education, just like the children that are insisting that you buy them a puppy; it gets sick, excited, depressed, it also disobeys, just like your children; it barks, let’s hope not like your kids; it soils, digs, fights, farts, whimpers and howls.

And remember, the puppy is to stay… or at least that’s what we want to think. The dog, like it or not, is like an adoptive child, your own child. It loves and needs love, it responds with honesty and unconditionally. It is independent. Selfish people should not have children, nor should they have dogs.

Usually these people’s children and dogs are not happy and are unpleasant; although it is most likely that the dog ends up abandoned on the street. Abandoned dogs are a problem, just as homeless people. Only in the US between ten and twelve million dogs are sacrificed each year. Homeless people figures are excruciatingly terrifying, they are not known exactly, since they run away from the census as dogs run from the pound. Two trend beauties from the Jacquet breeders.

Having a dog never has been as in vogue as now. Hollywood stars, athletes, prices, presidents and TV artists, all of them have their favorite dog. The public needs to know that information, and consume it eagerly. Seeing an elegant Greyhounds, clever Corgis and demolishing Mastiffs on the big screen increases mass attraction for a breed, raising some breed’s demand of certain breeds more than ever. An American Bulldog appears in that Disney movie? A determined breed’s boom is not a recent phenomenon, but nowadays each “boom” is much stronger. If a breed is tremendously popular, the best and least painful is to avoid it. Too many opportunists launch into the market, without having any idea about dogs, but in an attempt to make a quick buck with a breed in high demand. The popular breeds are mass produced, and therefore usually have the worst character, bad structure (weak hips and hindquarters, bad mouth alignment) and every genetic and health problem there is.