Veterinarian Dallas -Veterinary

While traveling with my pet I ran into a problem and need to find a veterinarian in Dallas Texas. It wasn't a huge emergency and my pet might have been able to have waited till we got back home to Houston but I didn't want to take any chances with my lovely little pooch.
My dog was running a slight temperature and didn't want to eat the food that I had been serving to it. The food was the same that I had always fed it and so I knew it wasn't the food that was the problem in itself. But I wasn't sure it the reason it didn't want to eat was because of its apparent sickness or if its sickness was because it wasn't eating.
Sometimes dogs that aren't feeling well will reject their food because their body needs time to heal itself or purge itself of toxins etc…
In the wild dogs often will go for periods of time without eating however we humans seem to believe that our dogs should eat two or three big meals everyday just like us. Well dogs are not just like us and have special needs that we humans don't. As much as we like to think of our dogs as not just our pets but also our family they are not humans and really should never be treated as such or else there can be dangerous repercussions.
Well thankfully the Dallas veterinarian was able to tell me that while there was nothing seriously wrong with my dog he did have tooth infection that was causing the temperature and his loss of appetite. After giving my pet the prescribed antibiotics he was fine and dandy.

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