The Aging and Old Golden Retriever

Old dogs are a gift. You and your dog will understand each other well as dogs and humans communicate without words. Although an old dog can't share everything – he might not move so effortlessly, or he brings you the morning paper in slow motion – he still has that special dignity and he ash the right to be treated with consideration according to his needs. When he does his exercises, you need to be aware of his particularities, and, in critical situations, you need to take him by the leash.

When they're older, it's good to take them more frequently to the vet, so that he can recognize any disease that might be approaching and to alleviate the characteristic aching of old age. But there will come the time when his aches get worse and if there is no hope for him to ever enjoy a normal life again, then you have to muster up the courage and make a final decision. This is very hard for all of us because we're deciding for the dog's well being. Not putting of this decision is the best thing you can do for your dog, but before that you should consider what will be of his body. You can bury it in animal cemeteries or in your own property, depending on the local norms. Currently, there's also the possibility of cremating animals.

You can alleviate the final moments by asking the vet to come to your house to calmly put the dog to sleep in his usual place or in the garden. It is your obligation to stay with him. Rest assured that the current methods allow a peaceful and painless death.

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