Golden Retriever eyes and ears care & maintenance.

In the mornings you should clean the secretions that accumulate during the night in your dog's eyes. A reduced secretion is normal, but a constant secretion, with pus, has to be examined by the vet. The Golden Retriever's external ear conduct can be periodically cleaned, but do not try to introduce a Q-tip in too deep, reaching the internal conduct, as you can injure the eardrum. A little brown ear wax is normal. There are substances that can be used to clean the internal conduct. Your dog will shake his head in, getting rid of all of the barracks the heat has been released, and finally cleaned he is external ear and ear lobe with his paw.

Care of nails and paws: According to the Standard, your Golden Retriever needs to have rounded, closed, catlike paws, with short nails. Either the nails wear down with time or they have to be got, according to the kind of ground your golden treads upon. To trim the nails there are special kinds of tweezers. If the nails are too long, the "womb" has also grown and therefore the nails can't be cut. As a result of long nails, the paws have a bad aspect, are too open and are prone to injuries. Particularly, the unfounded and nail on the back loss on don't wear off that easily and the dollar tends to get stuck on things. In most Golden Retrievers the hair in their paws grows abundantly, which not only looks messy, but can also cause him problems when he walks, when the mud gets in between the toes and in winter balls of ice from there. Therefore, it is recommendable to cut the hairs in the hoof area, but not too much because in between the toes, the hairs serve as protectors. The salt that is sprinkled on the street during winter is harmful for the hoofs, they rub against each other, and the dog goes through a lot of pain when he walks. After each outing you should wash his paws and spread greasy cream on them. If possible, avoid walking your dog down roads covered in salt.

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