How Many Puppy in a Litter

Exactly How Many Puppy in a Litter depends on the breed of the dog. Here is a table that shows and tells you the quantity of pups you can expect VS the breed you have. The world's record for the most puppies in a litter belongs to Nap Mastiff with 24 puppies!

BreedPuppiesBreedPuppiesBasenji 7.6Collie 7.9Boxer 5.0Welsh Congi 5.5French bulldog 5.8Dalmatian5.8Bulldog 5.9Doberman 7.6Gray Norwegian Elkhound 6.0Black Norwegian Elkhound 4.8Dwarf poodle 4.3Bullterrier 3.6Small poodle 6.4English Foxhound 6.3 Chow Chow 4.6Smooth hair fox terrier 4.1Cocker Spaniel4.8Rough hair fox terrier 3.9Greyhound 6.8Griffon Brussels 4.0Whippet 4.4Pomeranian 2.0Mastiff7.7Papillion 5.0German Shepherd 8.0Zetlander shepherd4.0Pekinese 10.0Small English hound5.6Laponia dog 4.8Siberian Eskimo5.9Pointer6.7Berne mountain dog 5.8Rottweiler 7.5Rough hair dachshund4.5Hound10.1 Long hair dachshund3.1Retriever5.2Golden Retriever8.1Smooth hair dog 4.8Miniature Pinscher 3.4Labrador retriever7.8Standard Schnauzer5.1Samoyed6.0Gordon setter7.5Saint Bernard 8.5English setter6.3Giant dachshund 8.7Irish Setter7.2Shih Tzu 3.4King Charles Spaniel3.0English Springer Spaniel 6.0West Highland White Terrier 3.7Scottish Terrier4.9Airedale Terrier7.6Terranova 6.3Cairn Terrier 3.6Dandie Dinmont Terrier5.3Kerry Blue Terrier4.7Boston Terrier 3.6Lackeland Terrier 3.3Manchester Terrier4.7Belington Terrier5.6Australian Terrier5.0

When should the weaning process start?

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