Sick dog diet: Healthy diet for dog

This dog diet is very nutritious, healthy and easy to digest and with different flavors. It should be given in small quantities, spaced in several daily doses to avoid the animal to reject it or to vomit the meals. The most recommended dog food usually consists of red meats, chicken as well, (with no fat or skin), chopped lamb, white rice, eggs, cooked carrots, natural yogurts and honey.

How to ease the pain of a dog: In occasions where the animal is demonstrating pain or fever, acetailsalicic acid (aspirin) is a good idea to kill the pain or make the animal a little bit more comfortable. This should be given every 12 hours to the dog at an average of 10 mg for every kilogram. If the pain persists, it's essential that you consult your veterinarian. In case the animal vomits the aspirin a few minutes after given, or if the dregs appear in a very dark tone and extremely soft (like liquid), the treatment should be immediately interrupted and you must call your veterinarian soon. Some dogs, like many people, are allergic to aspirin; hence it should not be given to them since you may jeopardize their life. It's extremely important, in order to avoid dehydration, which your dog gets around 50 ml of fluid for every kilogram of weight, dividing the consumption of fluids in at least 4 – 5 takes a day. If the dehydration persists for over 12 hours, consult your veterinarian whenever possible.

Pre-surgical preparation

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