How to Choose a Dog Breed: Mixed or Cross Breed Dog

How you choose a dog breed can relate to you love of nature. The stronger the wish doe adopting a dog of "natural breed" will be. A natural dog breed is also known as a cross breed or mixed breed dog and it is without a doubt, #1 (number one) in the scale of dog lover's preference in today's world of hurricane and natural disaster . Cross-Mixed breed dogs are also in an important place among rescue dogs, and, logically, their presence is notorious in TV shows, where they can develop their playful ways and intelligence. These cheerful dogs are very popular in films and publicity. This fact demonstrates class has nothing to do with rare or breed, as the masters of cross breed dogs have known for a long time now. The usual way of getting a cross breed dog is unexpectedly: a dog wonders about your street, and keeps hanging around your house and we spontaneously decide to keep it. Another more common way is to go to a dog shelter and proceed with adopting a dog. Reality will hit us later, when we realize we have a new member of the family, for which we are responsible, and whom we are going to have to adapt to. This is why, before the decision of adopting a dog, we need to think about:

  • Is a dog the right pet for you?
  • Have you got time to take care of a dog? Bear in mind you will have to dedicate 2 hours daily to him, as a minimum, and that it can live for up to 15 years.
  • Can you manage to make sure your dog will not be alone for more than 4 hours a day?
  • Can you afford a dog? Have you calculated the costs of food, visits to the vet, etc?
  • Does your landlord allow you to keep a dog at home?
  • Is any member of the family allergic to dogs?
  • What will happen to the dog when you are ill or go on vacations?
  • How do you imagine a cross or mixed breed dog?To begin with, you cannot have fixed ideas about the look and the ways of your dog, for every dog is different and has a unique personality. You should consider the following items, nevertheless:

Big or small? A big dog will need more room in the house, and they will also need to go out more often, and, obviously, eats more (which means more expenses).
Male or female? Male dogs are more independent, tend to get into fights with other dogs and are more self sufficient. Females tend to be sweeter and more sensitive, which means they are easier to educate.

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