Bathing a Dog. Bathe and Clean Dogs Correctly.

It's recommended to bathe a dog every fifteen days (at most), and to start doing this at a young age so that the dog becomes used to it and enjoys it. Whenbathing a dogremember to always use a special dog shampoo and soaps that are specifically made for dogs, this is important because these products are made with the necessary components to keep a dog's coat and skin healthy. Cleaning a dogs face must be done carefully and frequently:

  • Check that the dog's eyes do not have any discharge; clean the dog's eyes with a damp piece of cotton carefully if you notice this.
  • The inside of a dog's ears must be clean and free of discharge. You can clean your dog's ear lids with a piece of cotton and a little bit of alcohol. (Make sure to use a new piece of cotton for each ear).
  • The dog's teeth must be checked to see if there are any signs of tartar or any other abnormalities.

Make sure that when grooming and cleaning your dog, to do this gently to not scare him. This implies being gentle, talking to him, and rubbing him while you are bathing him. When you have finished bathing him, dry him first with a towel, and then dry him with a hair dryer (on the lowest setting) 20 centimeters away from the dog and stand behind him (never put the hair dryer on the dogs face). Another thing a dog must get used to is the brushing and grooming of his coat.

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