Bichon Frise Dog Haircut Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions on grooming a Bichon Frise: Use the electric trimmer (number 10) to cut the abdomen area, the crotch and if necessary the anus area. Shave (number 7/8) the lower parts of the paws. Pluck the fine wooly hair inside the ears. Trim the nails. Then, cut the top part of the nose until the apex of the eyes so that they stand out. Work on getting out all the knots fromthe head, the trunk, legs, and tail. Use the curved scissors to mark the contour of the paws. Then even out the posterior paws, by forming little "pants" and the buttocks. Use the straight scissors to even out the back and stomach. Mark the sides from behind the ribs. Leave a little more hair on the chest area. Then even out the front paws with the straight scissors. Brush the hair of the head forward and use the curvedBichon Frise scissors to cut horizontally following the contour of the skull. Even out the head area as if forming a helmet. Then even out the whiskers and the inferior part of the jaw, as well as the ears. Moderately cut the hair of the tail and brush it well.

Material to use: Electric trimmer number 10, 7/8, teasel, comb, straight scissors, curved scissors, nail clippers.

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