Bike Dog Carrier

As a mountain bike enthusiast I just love taking my Shih Tzu with me everywhere I go on my bike dog carrier. I used to think that I had to leave my beautiful dog at home when I went out riding but one day I saw a fellow biking enthusiast riding with his dog. I was overjoyed here was a way to share my passion with my favorite friend. So I went straight out and bought a bike dog carrier. Now we ride everywhere together and we have never been happier. Sometimes when I go onBike Dog Carrier long bike rides I worry a little bit about my girl but she has never seemed to mind. Of course I am always careful to take plenty of water not only for me but her as well, also food and plastic bags for when she needs to do her business. I truly recommend that anyone who rides bikes and has a dog get themselves a bike dog carrier. It just heightens the enjoyment incredibly to be able to share more of your time together and you would be surprised at how much dogs love going riding. My dog has given me the needed incentive to make that extra little push many times when I felt like quitting and turning back. Just seeing how much she thrills to the wind blowing through her hair and the interest in her eyes as she watches the countryside pass by gives me goose bumps all over. I would love to trade places with her. But since that isn't going to happen anytime soon, I keep fit and healthy riding and she keeps enjoying.

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