Cage Puppy Training. The Cage Gives Comfort

The puppy cage is useful:

  • at home: we can lock the dog when we have visits that fear dogs, when preparing the meal, and don't want him to take something away, during meals, and other occasions;
  • when traveling: in the car is the safest place for him, cause he feels safe, and does not risks going from one side to another on winding roads, or to hurt himself in case of an abrupt stop;
  • at exhibitions: many organizations refuse to rent cages, because of costs. In this case, the cage will prevent us of having to be close to him with the belt, cause we can place him in the cage. During hot months remember to place the cage always under shadow, or covering it with a cloth that protects it from the sun. Normally for trips, open cages are preferred cause they are more practical; at home is better a three sides closed one that gives a major safety feeling.

There is no reason to get upset seeing a dog in a cage, cause he does not reasons like a man, to whom the idea of cage is related with negative ideas: jail, liberty privation. The dog, however, does not feels prisoner cause he does not knows what is that, and cause he likes to be in when needs to rest. From the animal's point of view, being free while resting means some danger, cause if a puppy sleeps outdoors could be swallowed by a predator. This is why they like a safe refuge.

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