Canine Sterilization. Dog Sterilization

How to sterilize a dog?:The vet can surgically remove the inner genital organs partially or entirely. We can practice the ovariectomy, which is the extirpation of the ovaries; the hysterectomy, which is the extirpation of the uterus and the ovarihysterectomy, which is the removal of both.

What is more preferable to perform?: Removing only the uterus allows us to prevent gestation, but the female still keeps her ovaries, this that she will still have her heat cycles. This prevents the dog from gaining weight. She does not bleed anymore but her hormonal activities are still there. By taking out the ovaries, the uterus is still there so we still have the risk of infection.

Does sterilization make the dog gain weight?: Yes, if we take away the ovaries fat forms below the uterus, but if we take good care of the dog's alimentation she will not gain weight.

Does this procedure modify the dog's behavior?: Female dogs are usually more calm and affectionate, but the purpose of this operation is not the modification of the dog's behavior, on the contrary it is the male's castration, which sometimes is necessary to deal with the dog's aggressiveness.

Does this operation reduce the risks of breast cancer?: This has been demonstrated by some studies, but it is not precise to operate the dog for the first two years after her first heat, in order to reduce the risks of mammary cancer when the dog is older.

Can we perform tubal ligation?: Technically, this can be performed but it is not common in dogs.

Does the female need to have puppies before the operation?: Dogs aren't concerned with maternity, so it depends on whether you want your dog to have puppies or not.

Can a vasectomy be performed in male dogs?: Technically, this procedure can be done, but it is not common in dogs.

Can a male dog be castrated?: Yes, but we don't resort to this method systematically in dogs. This operation is recommended if the dog is very aggressive or in the case that it is sexually excited all the time.

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