Caring for Puppy Dog. Understand Puppy Care

Bringing a new puppy home:So here you come all excited and enthusiastic thinking about the big surprise this little thing in your arms is going to be for your family! A new puppy! Is there anything more exciting than that? Take it easy though and learn the basic of puppy dog care and how to house train puppies.You now have in your hands a little and defenseless living being that must be valued and taken care of with special and extra attention. Remember that a puppy is not a toy for the children, and because of this, they must not handle it. Everything around the puppy is new and strange and he probably feels frightened. This little fellow has just been taken from his mother, brothers and sisters, from his commodity, being forced to now face a new, strange and unknown environment, feeling intimidated by so much noise and words that do not mean anything to him. Before bringing apuppy into your house, you will need to have gotten the place ready for him. Your new puppy will need a comfortable, quiet, warm, and private place to live in, free of air drafts and humidity. Put the puppy in his new bed and leave him alone so he can adapt and readjust from the trauma he has just been through. Don't worry though, a normal healthy puppy will soon come out of his private space ready to explore the new environment that now surrounds him and he will go after the person that first brought him to his new home by instinct.

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It is very important you don't stalk or grab at the puppy by force because this type of treatment will frighten him and will remain with him well into his adulthood. The wrong type of treatment can influence on the dogs behavior later on in life, causing the dog to become fearful of people that can have dire consequences. Taking care of your new puppy does not require for you to have to spend tons of money on him. It is possible to reach an understanding with him by handling him with a lot of love, respect, and devotion.

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