Collie Haircut Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions to groom a collie: Use the electric trimmer (blade number 10) and shave the abdomen, under body, crotch area and if necessary around the anus. Then shave the inferior part of the paws with blade number 7/8. Very carefully get rid of all the knots and mats on the dog's hair by using the teasel or hard comb if it isn't too tangled, continue doing this until you are able to comb out the whole body with a wide pin comb all over the dog's body. Hold on to the base of the longer locks of hair with your hand to untangle them and brush them with the other without pulling on the dog's skin. Pay special attention to behind the ears, chest, locks of hair on the stomach, tail, and the front and behind part of the legs. Next, pull out the wooly hair from the inside and outside of the ears. Proceed to clip the nails. grooming a collie

Bathe the dog and make sure to use the adequate type of shampoo for white hair to revive and enhance the colors of the hair. You can should also apply a detangling and nutritive cream on the dog's hair, when this is done allow it to work into the hair and then rinse it out well. Dry the dog with the hair dryer (on low) and a soft comb. Even out the margins of the ears with the serrated scissors as it creates a more natural look.

Brush out all the hairs that are in between the dogs paws and remove them with the serrated scissors. Brush back the long hair from the hock and slightly cut them with the straight scissors. Brush over the whole dog's coat one more time by using the pin brush to make sure there aren't any knots left.

Material to use: Electric trimmers, blades number 10, 7/8, nail clippers, teasel, comb, pin brush, straight scissors, serrated scissors, de matting comb.

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