Bones and Bread, dairy products for dogs and puppies.

The milk and eggs are exceptionally healthy and the eggs do not contain carbohydrates. Now, for puppies and small dogs, we recommend cooking the eggs lightly since the heat will destroy the egg white's vitamins. The milk is a useful source of calcium. It also contains lactose, sugar that in many cases not digested by many dogs and some puppies. On the other hand, the cheese lacks lactose and it is an excellent source of food for dogs.

Dog bones: Bones are the only source of calcium for the traditional food, although should be administered with caution. Small bones and splintered of birds, lambs can cause asphyxia or perforate the intestine of a dog. Big amounts can plug the intestine and this blockade can be fatal. The feeding of bones to two or more dogs together can provoke an aggressive behavior. In spite of these problems, chewing bones is the most effective procedure to clean teeth and gums as well as to provide minerals.

Bread for dogs: Bread and other foods prepared with cooked cereals, are digested easily by the dogs. Bread contributes to protein, calcium, fiber, vitamin B1 and a great quantity of energy to a relatively cheap cost. There is no advantage between dark and white bread for dogs. However, it is to the dogs benefit to eat dry crust, it eliminates inlays in the teeth.

Recipes for Dogs

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