Dog Death - GoodBye

Saying Goodbye to your Dog: We all know people who have cried over the dog's death. There are also others who do not understand the grief owners go through because they have never owned a dog. Perhaps, you have suffered the loss of a dog, and know how painful it must be. After having lived with dogs for about sixty-five years, Konrad Lorenz, the great expert on animal behavior, said: "It is one of the cruelties of this world that the longevity of our dogs is shorter than ours." The reason behind this great sadness is that there is no another living animal that is so similar to us, that treats us with great affection, never betrays us, and loves us unconditionally.

In the history of relationships between men and dogs, there are many testimonies regarding the pain that one goes through when the other one dies. Practically, all the poets who have had dogs have written an essay or poem in their memory. One of the nicest poems is written by Pablo Neruda, the great Chilean poet. Poems and tales commemorate dogs, and apadog gravert from these literary commemorations, there are real monuments that exist to honor a dog. Many will remember the story of a loyal Akita in Japan, who would go to the train station to wait for his master. When his owner stopped arriving through train because he had passed away, the loyal dog continued to go to the station looking for him. Currently, there is a monument located in the place where the dog used to wait. This monument is considered a symbol of loyalty.

The famous Lord Black ordered a monument to be made on behalf of his dog. Memorial tablets and monuments for dogs have existed for a long time. Many accentuate the practical value of a dog. There are monuments for dogs that date back to Roman times, like the mausoleums the Emperor built for his dogs. At old age, many important individuals decided to be buried in the mausoleum surrounded by the tombs of their favorite dogs. Another form of commemoration was the dissection and montage of a dog. In the 19th century this was very popular in Europe. The most famous dissected dog can be found in the National Museum of History in Switzerland. I am glad that taxidermy is no longer popular among society, but currently other strange things have come about. For example, funerals for domestic animals have become rather popular, and now there are many cemeteries for dogs. How do we act when our beloved canine friend dies? The important thing is that we behave with respect and dignity.Euthanasia: An Act of Compassion and Bravery

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