Diet for a dog with diarrhea or allergies

The etiology of diarrhea can be diverse and a diagnose will depend of the exact treatment. Overall, whichever the cause may be, a lost of water and nutrients like some vitamins and salts will have to be restore to avoid the dehydration and other serious alterations. It is also important not to irritate the digestive tract indigestible foods rich in fiber. Consequently, it is prudent to have a digestible diet and a controlled digestible and nutritious meal after the diarrhea. Later on, this diet will be gradually be changed by the ordinary feeding.

Diet for a dog with allergies: One of the causes of diarrhea is an allergy in the digestive tract that usually is associated with other symptoms like vomit and irritation. This manifestation is a common allergy caused by different problems, including parasite bites. If you suspect of a nutritious allergy, you must followed the veterinarian instructions, to be able to detect the food that is causing this problem. If the animal receives a compound meal, it is necessary to check each one of the ingredients so it is not included again in the same product.

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