Diet for Obese dogs. How to loose weight.

Obesity is a dysfunction that's difficult to define, particularly because the opinion of proprietors, breeders and veterinarians differ a lot. If you suspect that a dog suffers from obesity, consult your veterinarian that could be a symptom of overweight and as result it could generate into illness. The obesity is a serious dysfunction that can drive to physical alterations that can include breathing problems, heart alterations, arthritis and diabetes. If a dog needs a surgical intervention, the obesity reduces its possibilities of survival. In a dog, it is easy to prescribe the treatment although difficult to take it into practices, since it should be decrease the consumption of foods substantially. You would decrease the consumption of calories in third and preferably in half. You can achieve this by reducing the consumption of rich foods in fat and carbohydrates like fatty meat and cakes. Divide the total food of the day in several portions of foods. Get the dog to exercise as much frequently as it is possible by means of short walks. This only provides a slight direct effect on the weigh loss although it will help to maintain the dogs mind separated from the food while improves his muscular state. Do not wait for quick results. Weigh the dog every week and try to complete the reduction of weight in three to six months. When the dog is returning to his normal weight, you can probably increase lightly the portion of his food although be extremely careful in not overfeeding and his organism do not accumulates fat again.

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