Different Dog Breeds - Directory of Breed of Dog

There is a great diversity in shape in pedigree dog breeds, and in a lesser degree, a wide range of tempers. Some breeds are not common and probably more expensive, while others are usually seen, and the price is often an indication of the pedigree. This fact is very important for those interested in exhibitions. Generally, there are around 300 different dog breeds accepted; some of them not admitted in exhibitions but with a great tradition of work in their native countries.
Most known breeds: Each dog has his time, there are changing interests in the dog's world; therefore while some breeds increase their number, others decrease, simply due to fashion.
Why is there such diversity in size and shape of dogs? This is a result of selective reproduction. It's been suggested than only 20 mutations, as the shortened legs, would have been necessary to originate the wide range of present breeds.

Directory of Breed of Dog

The Afghan Dog

The Basenji Dog

The Basset Dog

The Brichon Frise Dog

The Borzoi Dog

The Briard Dog

The Boxer Dog

The English Bulldog

The Bullterrier Dog

The Poodle

The Chihuahua Dog

The Chow Chow Dog

The Cocker Spaniel Dog

The Long Bearded Collie

The Border Collie Dog

The Long Haired Collie

The Welsh Corgi Dog

The Dalmatian Dog

The Doberman Dog

The Argentine Dogo

The Greyhound Dog

The Great Dane Dog

The Brussels Griffon Dog

The Keeshond Dog

The Whippet Dog

The Irish Whippet Dog

The Lhasa Apso Dog

The Pomeranian Lulu

The German Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd

Old English Shepherd

The Zetlander Shepherd

The Beagle Dog

The Pekinese Dog

The Pyrenees Dog

The Dachshund Dog

The Pointer Dog

The Flat Hair Retriever

The Labrador Retriever

The Golden Retriever

Rhodesia Ridgeback

The Rottweiler Dog

The Saluku Dog

The Samoyed Dog

The Saint Bernard Dog

The Gordon Setter Dog

The English Setter Dog

The Irish Setter Dog

The Shar-Pei Dog

The Shih Tzu Dog

King Charles Spaniel

The Terranova Dog

West Highland Terrier

The Airedale Terrier Dog

The Boston Terrier Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier

The Scottish Terrier Dog

The Jack Russell Terrier

The Hungarian Vizsla

The Weimaraner Dog

There have been almost 4,000 generations of dogs since the beginning of domestication, and each generation increases probabilities of mutations

Alaskan Malamute

Siberian Husky

Basset hound

Labrador Retriever




German Shepherd


Belgian Shepherd

Bull Terrier


English Bulldog






King Charles Spaniel

Saint Bernard



Chow Chow

Irish Setter

Cocker Spaniel

Shar Pei


American Staffordshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier



Deutsche Dogge

West Highland White Terrier

Fox Terrier


Afghan Hound

Golden Retriever

Spanish Hound

. Through selective mutations some outlines have been fostered, and therefore, the present diversity of breeds has been created.If two breeds with very different physical characteristics, like length of extremities, length of hair, and head shape, are coupled, their descendants will have a mixture of around half way between both parents. Explanation is, that for some reason, mechanisms existing in most of species to limit variations within them, does not work anymore. Presumably, this might be caused by years of selective reproduction for different types of dogs.

Frequently, new characteristics in shape have been developed, and maybe the dog has been the major target for selective reproduction compared with other domestic animals, like cows or cats. In theory, species could even reach a wider diversity. But recently some strict standards have been enacted to identify breeds, with the predominant criteria that present variations are enough.

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