Dog Aggression Caused Reproductive Behavior

Dog aggression due to reproductive behavior: Male dogs that become excited by the presence of a female dog in heat show a highly aggressive behavior towards other male dogs. Within the animal kingdom, the term that we use to refer to male animals that are in mating season is known as inter specific aggressiveness, aggressiveness between individuals of a same species and that sets off through interesting mechanisms by which the males of a specific animal group get certain territory and a female to form a harem. This kind of behavior is common in almost all of the animal kingdom. Most mammals, birds, amphibians, fish and insects behave the same way. Each species has certain rules to go by which are determined and which always have a similar goal, which is the reproduction of the strongest; this then allows the transmission of the best genes, which are important for the survival of the species. As people have gone domesticating dogs, this natural process of genetic selection has been disappearing. Man has chosen and conditioned mating, however, between wild dogs and street dogs this natural instinctive selection still remains, giving the strongest the opportunity to mate.

Dog aggression due to physical punishment

Physical punishment of a dog many times causes the dog to recur to aggression. It's not uncommon to hear that a dog has bit a person that has physically hit him. A lot of people are not aware of the pain their dogs feel when they hit them. This type of painful aggression awakens the dog's protective instinct turning him into a dangerous animal that will attack ferociously especially if he is a dominant animal. When a dog is getting trained to be used as a guard dog or protection dog, they are taught and trained psychologically to take on physical punishment so that they then carry about the function they are intended to. Besides this, these dogs need to be extremely well disciplined and trained to immediately obey the order of their owner to stop an attack. These types of dogs learn to let their aggression out and then stop as soon as they are told.

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