Dog Asphyxiation

Asphyxiation the leading cause of death amongst puppy dogs.
A rapid response is the most important thing when dealing with asphyxiation as the body's organs have only a limited reserve of oxygen. Without swift intervention the dog or puppy will experience permanent brain damage or death. If your dog is not breathing check that there is nothing blocking its airways or stopping it from breathing freely. If your dog ever stops breathing begin artificial respiration (mouth to mouth) immediately and if there is no pulse begin CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). Seek immediate veterinarian attention or contact your local emergency animal clinic.

Dog electric shock: If your dog is being electrocuted and is still in physical contact the electrified device, do not touch it without first breaking contact between your dog and the thing that is electrocuting it or until the current has been shut off.The fastest and safest way to break the contact is to stop the current by switching off the main breaker to the house. If your dog is outside and you don't have the ability to switch the electricity then wooden pole or tree branch to unplug the device try and move your dog puppy away from the thing electrocuting it. Metal or any other conductive material should never be used because you will be electrocuted too. Only touch your dog after you are sure that there is no current running through it. As soon as you can touch it, check to see if your dog is breathing and has a pulse and if necessary begin AR or CPR. Handle your dog using the same precautions as if you were dealing with a fracture because your dog may have suffered internal injuries.
Keep your dog calm and its body temperature stable while you seek immediate medical attention.

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