Dog Bathing & Dog Grooming Bathing

Good dog grooming bathing starts by placing the dog inside a bathtub that has an anti slip mat in it to avoid the dog from slipping and getting scarred. If you notice that the dog is gets agitated or tries to escape, talk to him to calm him in a soothing voice to calm him down. If you are not able to control the dog you will need to put him on the leash. It's best to start out by first washing the dog's head and then working downwards towards the tail.

Dog bathing stages: Once you have managed to keep your dog calm in the bathtub you will need to empty out the dog's anal glands (if necessary) after having previously wet the animal with warm water. Clean the area underneath the dog's tail and wet the dog's body starting from the dog's head down tohis tail. Remember that the dog's body will take a little time to get completely wet since it's practically impermeable – you will have to work at it. It's preferable to use a spray hose and warm water directly over the dog's body so that you are able to wet the dog's body completely. Start by wetting the dog's head (be careful not to get water in his ears though), neck, back, and tail. Then wet his chest, shoulders, sides, thighs, and finally his paws and stomach. Once the dog is wet apply the shampoo (diluted) over the dog's body and rub until it becomes foamy. Wash the dog's paws by applying a small amount of shampoo on each one making sure to wash in between the dog's toes. Then rinse the dog's body completely. If you need to apply a cream or another product on the dog after his bath, make sure to follow the instructions correctly. This is very important because doing otherwise can burn your dog's hair or cause irritations.

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