Dog dietary regimes

Dog food bowl: Any dog bowl with an appropriate capacity will be good as recipient for dog food. We recommended a heavy recipient of porcelain for drinking water. Always wash the dog water and food bowl with hot water and detergent after each meal and rinsed totally. Rinse the drinking fountains thoroughly every day and scrubbed once a week minimum.

Frequency in the distribution of food: The healthy mature dogs need a single meal a day. Their stomachs are relative big and can hold enough concentrated food to stay up for one day. Some owners will let their dogs to go without food for one day probably once a week, to compensate the dog's tendency to eat to a lot and to help owner not exceed the dog's food. It is certain that the dogs adapt to this régime but alteration can take place in the cycle of the digestion and possible alterations in the behavior, as ingestion of excrements. There is no risk on by distributing the food twice or more during the day as long as the quantity of food is not increased. Small dogs should receive food twice a day since they are susceptible to lose corporal heat because of their fine hair. Some big dogs such boxes, greyhounds and others are prone to an alteration called gastric torsion, in which the stomach is twisted and it impedes the food to be digestible. A full stomach is can be predispose if the dog makes a rapid and forceful movement. It is prudent to distribute food to these dogs twice or three times a day to be prudent.

Recipes for Dogs

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