Dog Pooping & Dog Droppings Poop

One of the subjects that worries dog owners the most is how to stop the dog from leaving droppings all around the house. The best way to solve this problem is feed the dog in a balanced way and with a fixed schedule. If the droppings are too soft, you must reduce the amount of food and vice versa. It is important to make sure they don't have parasites, for they are negative for the pup's growth. The most effective way is by showing the puppy it must do it on newspaper sheets. Even tough it might be a bit confusing for the pup at the beginning; It might simplify things, for this is what they tend to do at pet shops. But you must always keep an eye on it, for your house is probably bigger than the pet shop. Whenever the dog leaves its droppings in a place that isn't the one assigned, then you must show him this was not right by saying "no!" This is the best way to train the dog with regards to hygiene, and you can practice this method until the dog is 6 years old, though it gets more difficult with time. When you take the dog for a walk make sure it doesn't take longer than 10-15 minutes, so it realizes what the purpose of going out is. When the owner has to work, they have to take the dog for a walk before leaving, feed the dog when they get back, and then take the dog out again at night. Try to take the dog out every 3 hours. Generally a dog cannot wait for more than 6. During the first days it is possible that the dog doesn't want to do it out of the house, but with time and routine, this problem will be solved.

What to do if the dog mistakes the place? Not all dogs learn fast. In some cases it is difficult for them to understand what you expect. To solve this problem you just have to start again. And be patient. First thing to do is keep the dog close to you. No animal will foul right in the spot, unless it has some psychological trauma. A pup cannot wait for more than 2-3 hours, o make sure you take it for a walk more frequently, so it does not become a dirty animal.

A pup alone at home: A pup has to realize there may not always be someone around. If it is, then it will grow dependent of its owner, and will not mature. In this case, it is usual for the dog to seek for attention by making a mess or doing something especially bad.

Dog pooping inhouse

The first time you leave the dog alone make sure it is during the day, with music or the TV on so it doesn't feel lonely. You can also leave a piece pf clothing of your own so it reminds the dog of you.

Stimulus: There is a great variety of stimulus that can be used in the process of training. According to their effectiveness, they are:

Words: They must be strong-yet not loud-sounds, we must be careful enough to make the dog know the difference between a punishment and praise.

Hand sounds or gestures: They are used either for beckoning or for calling attention. They can sometimes replace an oral command.
This is very useful for long distance communication. For example, if you give the order Ground! You move your hand downwards, and then, with time, the dog will lay down by just seeing your hand do this movement. This kind of communication is very useful for dogs with hearing problems.

Aromas: These are fundamental for canine training, especially for tracking and hunting. Sightless dogs will find it a very useful tool.

Galton's whistle: This whistle is of professional use and has its inconveniences. For example, a dog that is trained with it will obey other people. And the fact that dogs get used to the frequency of their particular whistle means that if it gets lost, they have to start training all over again.

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