Dog Grooming Bath. When to give your dog a bath

A good dog owner know the importance of dog grooming baths and will ensure to pay attention to bathing his or her dog regularly since this is an indispensable part of hygiene and cleanliness. All dogs must get bathed, even those that do not need any type of special type of grooming. There are two important and basic factors to consider in order to bathe your dog successfully. These consist of: the products you use and the way you bathe the dog.

Getting ready to bathe your dog: The easiest way to bathe your dog is to use the bathtub in your house or to use a special dog bathtub (these are medium height so that you do not have to be bending over).Start out bypreviously preparing all of the necessary things and products you will need to bathe the dog as well as the towels and hair dryer. There are special sponge towels, which are very effective and useful as they absorb a lot of the water. Use an anti slip mat to avoid the dog from slipping and falling and make sure to close the doors and windows to avoid the dog from escaping.

It's important to make sure to always previously prepare the dog and everything you need before bathing him. Wetting and drying your dog can many times cause the knots the dog's hair has to become even more stubborn, so it is important to previously work those knots out as much as you can; the conditioner you use should help to do the rest. Start out by applying a generous amount of the untangling product on the areas the dog needs and let it sit for a few minutes before actually applying the shampoo on the dog. Then rinse with abundant water.

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