Dog Hearing Problems

A dog hearing problem can be really puzzling for a first time dog master. Doesyour dog suddenly seems to not be as attentive and obedient as he used to? Don't be assuming he has a behavior problem, think about the possibility that the puppy or dog might be going deaf. If you think your puppy might have this problem, take him to the veterinarian so he can run some tests on him. If the puppy is indeed deaf you will need to consult with your veterinarian about the new precautions you will now have to learn about inorder to ensure the safety of your pet such as always taking the puppy out on a leash etc. Dogs and puppies that are deaf learn to get around just fine so there is no need to panic about it, you will just need to learn how to communicate with your pooch in a more visual way. Puppies and dogs are able to perceive vibrations in their feet through the ground, so, whenever you want to get your dog's attention, stomp your feet near him. Whenever you want to communicate with your deaf dog, stand in front of him so he can see you. Most likely your dog will have already learned how to understand most of the signals you do and will know how to interpret the movements of your hands. When one sense leaves, the other senses become keener – and this is certainly true in dogs.

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