Dog Loose Teeth

When the teeth are no longer firm, they not only cause pain but also an extremely unpleasant smell. They should be extracted as soon as possible by means of a simple and painless operation.

Chipped teeth: More than once will you notice that some teeth are chipped or broken. If the root is visible, your dog will suffer a lot of pain when biting. The treatment is totally up to your veterinarian who will know how to treat the roots and place a paste, as long as it is not necessary to extract a tooth.

Persistent baby tooth: Have you noticed in the upper row of teeth a thin piece next to the fang? This is, in fact, as doctors call it, a persistent baby tooth. It is an uncomfortable situation, because some food might remain stuck there. The gums then tend to swell, causing some pain and nauseous smells. Is your dog still in his teething period? If so, give him a thick sock, or better so, a kitchen rag for him to play with and bite on.

Important: It helps if the cloth that you have given him is tied to something sturdy. This way when he pulls with force, he will most probably yank out his tooth. If, in spite of all this, it doesn't work, a veterinarian will need to do it.

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