DogMeal Time and Schedule Guide

The correct hour to feed your dog its meal will depend of the owner's convenience as long as it does not vary from one day to another. Dogs will not exercise after a meal; for that reason, working dogs will have to receive their meal early afternoon unless they are guard dogs with night activity. On the other hand, voluminous foods should not be distribute late in the afternoon since dogs will be needing the night to rest. Most owners find convenient to give out lighter food early in the afternoon. food time is the main part in the dog's life and the schedule should be maintaining the same, it is for dog's best interest and for the peace of the house.

Changes in the diet: While dogs stay healthy and active, it is not necessary to vary their food. The best advice is to look for diets that best pleases the dog and to vary it a little. All animals included all human beings, are conservative in their nutritious habits; it is a nature defense. The changes alter the balance of hormones and enzymes that regulate the digestion and assimilation. The sudden changes in a diet can inevitably cause problems, if it is necessary, introduced it gradually. From time to time, a small adjustment may be necessary to maintain a corporal weight, but do not lean toward the obesity neither the thinness. When time is warm, for example, it is precise less food because dogs are less active and they need less heat to maintain its corporal temperature. In consequence, the quantity of foods will be decrease lightly in calories like cakes. During the winter the consumption of foods will be increased, on the contrary, if the dog spends most of the time outside the house or in a kennel without heating.

Recipes for Dogs

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