Dog Nail Care and Puppy Paw

Part of proper dog nail care is to always make sure to check your puppy dog nails and puppy paws periodically. If you notice any sort of problem you must take it into account since there are cases in which nails grow inwards causing the puppy or dog a great deal of pain. A puppy paw is very fragile, so be careful.Make sure to cut your dog's nails monthly if the puppy or dog does not wear them out naturally (this goes for people who live in carpeted houses). In cases where the nails are allowed to grow excessively, they cause damage and a lot of pain to the puppy causing him to have a hard time walking. Dog nails that break accidentally and bleed must also be checked and disinfected as promptly as possible. Check to make sure also that the bottom of the dogs paws have not gotten hurt and check in between the dogs toes as well.

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