Dog Vision Problems. Eye problem in dog. Infection, disease, injury.

Dog eye problems: It's very important dogs eyes get cleaned regularly; this can be done by using a wet cotton ball or a disposable towel. Many of the eye problems that dogs have are hereditary (in the case of some breeds). If you are considering using your dog to reproduce you should have a specialist in ophthalmology check your dog's eyes in order to avoid this defect from passing on to the next generations. Lesions and problems in dog's eyes can manifest themselves in different ways, ranging from redness of the eyelids to a white mass covering the dog's eye. During an eye check up the veterinarian will check the eyelids and the cornea to see if there are any superficial lesions. Sometimes the veterinarian will need to apply colorant substances on the dog's eye to be able to detect any small lesions or cuts. The interior part of

the dog's eye is examined with an instrument that emits a very intense light. On some occasions the veterinarian will need to dilate the dog's pupil so be able to see the back of the eye. There are many different ways of correcting eye problems through surgery. In some of the more extreme cases, the veterinarian will suggest extirpating the whole eye if needed, this is done in cases that would otherwise cause the dog an extreme amount of pain and cannot be corrected.

Most common dog eye & vision problems: Dog's eyelids can actually be pretty problematic. Sometimes the eyelids will go inwards causing the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball, which in turn causes damage to the cornea. There are certain breeds that suffer from this problem more than others. In some cases, it is the other way around; the inferior eyelid hangs outwards, forming a "bag" that then fills up with dust. You may have noticed this problem in bloodhounds.

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