Dog Paw Questions and answers

Q: My family and I just got a dog. We live in the countryside and we have a lot of open space for the dog to run in. We're concerned the dog might get splinter or something stuck in his foot. What should we do if this were to happen?
A: If you suspect your dog has a splinter or something stuck in his foot, have someone help you by holding the dog while the other carefully checks the dog's foot. If you are clearly able to see the protruding splinter, you should remove it by using tweezers, then soak the dog's paw in warm water with salt for a few minutes to disinfect it. Then apply an antibacterial ointment on it very carefully. If the splinter is too deeply incrusted into the dog's skin, take him to the veterinarian.
Q: My dog Vergie seems to have weak nails because they are always breaking. What can we do to help her?

A: When a dog's nails are too long, they break very easily. The solution to this is simple by making sure you or the veterinarian cut her nails as much as needed. When your dog breaks a nail you can help to alleviate the pain a bit by putting her paw inside warm water and then very carefully removing the pieces of broken and splintered nails.
Another suggestion to avoid your dog's nails from breaking is to keep her on a healthy diet.
Q: We noticed that our Labrador Bell was constantly licking and biting at her feet. When we checked our dog's feet, we noticed there were small orange spots that looked like they were moving. What was that?
A: Most likely these small spots were parasites of a certain insect that live in grassy green areas. These parasites usually show up during summer and fall, and they infest dog's feet causing them a lot of discomfort. Some dogs are more sensitive then others and it can cause a great deal of unbearable itching. This problem is usually resolved with anti-parasite ointments and anti-inflammatory medications.

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