How to feed a Dog with renal illnesses

There are several classes of renal illness in dogs depending of the affected organ and if the illness is chronic or sharp. The renal functions consist on filtering the final products of the protein and others by retaining the valuable nutrients. When the renal is altered by an illness, the sludge is accumulated in the blood can produce nausea and possible collapsing that leads to coma. At the same time, we loose protein and salts with the urine. The dogs will appearance dehydrated because of the frequent urination in spite of drinking lots of water. The veterinarian will prescribe diet low in protein as part of the treatment. The purpose of these is to maintain a protein balance and a good state of meats, while we decrease the work that a kidney should carry out and the accumulation of toxins will descend to a minimum. The protein will be of the best quality. A convenient diet will include eggs and milk with rice, corn flour and sugar as energy source, something of fat and vitamin and mineral supplements. Egg custard, rice pudding and peeled mango are appropriate foods. The sweet pastries are also convenient when providing many calories and protein of whole eggs. Eggs, milk and cheese are superior to any meat. White fish is another rich food and rich in protein. Sometimes a renal illness, especially in old dogs, could get complicated with another disease like diabetes mellitus that forces the feeding to be with extreme care.

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