Dog Reproduction in Older Dogs

Dogs have a positive attitude toward sex. Dog Reproduction is simple; For a female canine, sexual attraction is limited to the time she has her period, but such restriction does not occur on male dogs. In many female old dogs, it is hard to notice whether they are in heat. The intensity of their period tends to change as they get older. According to inherited predisposition, your female dog can remain sexually active for a long time since she will never experience menopause. Bessy, our neighbor's dog, still searched for male dogs at an old age. She would always manage to escape the house and look for Robin—the Casanova of the neighborhood. If he was not around, Bessy would call him loudly and decisively. Robin would wait patiently for his girl. Finally, when they found each other, they would run together through the fields and then head home. This love affair never faded, not until Bessy died at the age of 12 years, leaving her loved one alone.

When our dog was in heat during her younger years, we would do everything possible to keep her separated from male dogs. This did not change as she became old. If your female dog has interacted with a male dog, take her to the veterinarian. Surely he will recommend the morning after pill due to various reasons. When accidental encounters are undesirable, the owner is not prepared to have puppies and they will surely not have a good home. An owner should always be ready to take care of her dog and make the right preparations. In addition, the pregnancy, labor and raising of the puppies is not an easy task for a dog, especially if she is old. Letting your old female dog have a sexual encounter with a male dog is inconsiderate because it might resex dogsult to be dangerous for her. You are the best contraceptive, so make sure you watch your dog carefully.

Casanova does not Retire: My dog Andra had a passionate admirer called Blackie, a dark Schnauzer. Every time Andra was in heat, Blackie's owner could hardly leave the house. Blackie would try and drag his owner to see Andra and once he was there, Blackie would jump over the fence and run toward her. Normally, Andra would not meet up with him because we would know in advance sex doggyBlackie was heading to our house. Blackie was an old dog, while Andra was in the middle of her youth. His heart was a reason of worry and his articulations were becoming weak. One day, blinded by love, Blackie jumped over the fence and it became his last visit. In an instant, he died from a heart attack. Imagine our dismay!

Robin, now entering an old age, still runs around to the door of any female dog in heat. The deterioration that comes with old age does not lessen the desire of sexual intercourse. There is no given age for a male dog to retire and we should not believe in the old saying, "they get tired with age." Naturally, a dog that has not been too sexually active will not change once he reaches old age. Ben, my German Shepard was a dog like that. He was not that interested in female dogs, but there were a few he adored. All in all, perhaps Casanova might become calmer with age, but do not bet on it.

Sterilization in Old Dogs: In the last few years, canine aficionados have publicly discussed the pros and cons of sterilization. It is up to you to decide how you feel Sterilization of dogsabout the issue. In my case, Andra was sterilized for comfort and health reasons. After the procedure, she stopped suffering from the inconvenience her hormones produced. She became content and of an equilibrated temper. She no longer had her period which made Andra tired, hungry and ill-humored. It is true that Andra might have gained some weight if we were not careful or her hair might have turned thicker, but these are things that we can live with. Male dogs tend to have problems in their prostate if they are not castrated. Similar to female dogs that are sterilized, male dogs also leave behind bothersome habits. Keep in mind, that sterilization in both genders does not change the personality of a dog, just certain parts of his/her behavior. Young and Old Together

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