Dogs Daily Diet

Today, dog owners have various possibilities when it comes to selecting the food for their animals. They have the traditional fresh foods, the bookcases of supermarkets and stores with a wide range of manufactured products.
Traditional dog food: For ages, man has been feeding their pets with leftover remains and surpluses. However, these days less people have the time and patience to feed their animals with home remains. Some people still believe on the traditional food to be healthier for dogs. There are not enough tests to support this idea, however, many natural ingredients are utilize for the preparation of the compound diets. The correct use of fresh foods requires of a good knowledge of canine nutrition. Several dogs have experienced serious consequences because of a not well balanced diet. A common error is to give the dog meat only without having in consideration that this product lacks calcium and other nutrients. The dog's growth is so fast that the effects in an imbalance diet are more dramatic than in children. The tendency is to use leftovers of human foods added to the food ordinaries of the dog with the unavoidable consequence of the obesity. In spite of everything, the traditional foods used correctly can contribute from an economic way to the feeding of the dog or to represent a balanced complete diet. The foods but popular they are meats, milky spoils, bones, bread, verdures, oil of cod liver and articles of herbaria.

Recipes for Dogs

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