Dogs that live together

Dogs that live together: When two dogs live in the same house together it is possible they act aggressively toward each other if the owner does not know how to control them. This happens when two dogs have to share the same food, the same space, the toys, and the affection of the family as well. These types of dogs act this way because they are fighting out their position in the family and wanting to be superior causes them to behave in an aggressive way. This type of problem is more common in male dogs and it tends to get worse when they turn nine months to three years, as well as in circumstances such as meal times, or when visitors come to the house etc. Dogs do not tend to attack a dog that is superior to them, so the owner should spay or neuter the underdog (if they are the same age) to make him less competitive and aggressive. This could also be done to both of them. In cases where one dog is younger than the other, and the younger one begins trying to dominate the older one, it's probable you will have to elevate the younger ones status by feeding him before you feed the other one, allowing him to go through the door before the other one, letting him have the best place to sleep, etc. Another suggestion for these type of cases is to separate the dogs during certain times such as meal times so they do not have a chance to dispute over the food, giving each one their own toys, etc. Dogs that are aggressive toward each other should not go out on walks together either. If you notice a fight is about to begin, intervene immediately by shooting a squirt of water or by making a very loud noise. Let the dogs know you are upset and take the weaker dog out of the room first. Make sure you let the rest of your family know what to do when these types of circumstances occur so that the dogs do not get confused.

Questions and answers
My brother who is going on vacations has asked me to take care of his Labrador Ben for two weeks. I have a west highland named Roscoe who is very territorial. I am afraid the two dogs will fight. What should I do so that they don't fight?
A: In these cases you should allow both dogs to play together in a neutral area, however, you will need to respect the feelings of your dog Roscoe and let him know that he is the main dog of the house. Make sure to feed both dogs in separate rooms in order to avoid problems, and do not leave any bones or toys thrown around the ground as it might cause the dogs to fight over them. Once your dog Roscoe, has gotten more accustomed to Ben, he will then realize that Ben has not come to invade and take over his property. Most likely, Ben because of the breed he is will give in to Roscoe's dominating attitude.

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