Dry Dog Food or Table Scrap

Now there is high quality dry food that is excellent for dogs. At home, hardly such abalanced foodcan be prepared. Nevertheless, is important to choose the adequate food, cause there are other products of lower quality, cheaper, with unsatisfactory results. A puppy coming from a good breeder, will surely has been feed with quality products, special for puppies. In that case you better give him the same food (if possible the same trademark) at least for a month to avoid intestine problems. Once this period is over, a good solution is to keep giving him dry food. There are some people, that are not satisfy if they do not prepare his food; then you can go into home food, but do it gradually.The other case, of the dog that has been weaned with home methods, may be more problematic, and the puppy could refuse to eat industrial food.. This change also has to be gradual. You can start putting some crackers on the dish, increasing the amount once he is getting used and starts appreciating the taste. At the same time, reduce home food doses until you can completely eliminate it. If the puppy tries to fool you and rejects the food, do not give him many opportunities fearing something serious can happen if he does not eat, cause nothing will happen; simply take the dish away and place it again with the same food in the following meal. No dog has starved when having food at his disposal. If you keep firm, the psychological war will not last too long, and the puppy will rush to eat whatever is given. On the contrary, if we allow him to do what he wants, we will have to be ready for an endless war, and after some months he will ask first for the menu before eating something (and this something will not be precisely the better for him but what he likes more).
A last warning: it's not good to mix dry and home food continuously. Choose a way and follow it firmly, cause combining both kinds of food is not the best solution (it's almost impossible to get a well balanced result).

Canned Puppy food: Moist food (in cans) are usually more appetizer than dry ones, but have a high percentage of water. To have the energetic value of 200 gr. of dry food, it will be needed more than a kilogram of wet food. That makes it more expensive, specially in cases of small-medium size dogs.

Using correct doses, wet food is as good as the dry one. In this case you also have to consider quality. If normally you feed him with dry fodder or home food, cans could be a valid and practical alternative for trips, exhibitions, and any occasion when keeping the usual system is not possible.

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