Dry or moist dog food

A constant diet of juicy foods develops to tartar in the teeth and gums. Chewing a bone occasionally maintains the teeth clean and brilliant, although it should be careful with the bones since it can originate problems. It is very effective eating hard cakes or dry foods not macerated with liquids. Even small dogs like Chihuahuas can consume dry pieces of food as long as they are not very big all animals enjoy chewing something.

Hot or cold: Dogs eat carrion, and they do not worry about the food temperature, the same for the wild cat's. Nevertheless, their food will not proceed directly from a refrigerator neither from a pot. The recommended temperature is of 15 - 40 degrees.

Exercising dogs: Working dogs need a lot more food. Extra calories, protein, minerals and vitamins will be a necessity for those dogs. A hunting dog of a partridge-hunting size requires about 500 kilocalories extra per day of activity while a greyhound receives 30% more or less energy from a day's feeding. As we mention before, provide food after a days work.

Recipes for Dogs

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