Dog illness Diagnosis: Symptoms of Sick Dogs

Listed here are various dog illness diagnosis you may encounter in your everyday life. Read carefully and contact your VET if you have any uncertainty. Never take changes. with the symptoms of sick dogs


Possible causes

A) Feces

Unpleasant smell

Digestive problems

Presence of blood

Internal and/ or digestive problems, colitis,Intestinal obstruction, odd object

Altered color

Digestive problems, infectious diseases

Presence of mucus

Digestive problems, intestinal obstruction, foreign object


Digestive problems, intestinal obstruction, foreign object, anal glands inflammation, pelvic fracture, perineal hernia, intestinal nerve damage.


Digestive problems, intestinal obstruction, intestinal parasites, poisoning, anal glands inflammation, dietary allergies

B) The Urine

Intense odor

Hepatorrenal problems

Presence of blood

Internal traumatism, renal infection, cystitis

Altered color

Renal infection, diabetes mellitus

Difficulty to urinate

Cystitis, renal infection, dehydration, renal insufficiency

Excessive production

Urogenital infections, nefrosis, hepatic diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Cushing syndrome.

C) The Skin

Unpleasant smell

Dermatitis, other skin or hormonal complications

Constant licking or scratching

Dermatitis, allergies of different sorts


Allergies of diverse type, anaphylactic shock

D) Behavior


Poisoning, neurological problems, internal ear infection

Loss of balance

Poisoning, neurological problems, meningitis, internal ear infection, apoplexy.

Apathy, isolation

Pain, infectious disease, neurological problems, poisoning, rabies


Hormonal alterations, hepatorrenal diseases


Hormonal alterations, hepatorrenal or digestive diseases

Fever, over 39°C

Infectious diseases, various infections

Fever, below 38°C

State of shock, poisoning, anaphylactic shock


Spinal cord compression, Wobblers

E) Respiration

Forced and not very deep

Poisoning, state of shock

Suffocated, drooling profusely,

Asphyxia, poisoning, state of shock

Repeated cough after some effort

Cardiac problems, canine filariasis

F) Other Symptoms

Abdominal dilatation

Parasite infestation, stomach torsion

Anal hemorrhage

Poisoning, infectious diseases, severe gastric problems, internal traumatisms, tumors

Vulva hemorrhage

Abortion (in pregnant female dogs), tumors

Nasal hemorrhage

Internal traumatism

Oral hemorrhage

Internal traumatism


Anaphylactic shock, poisoning, asphyxia

Reaction to light or noise

Neurological problem, poisoning

Persistent vomiting

Esophagus dilatation, stomach dilatation, morning sickness, allergies, tumors, nervousness and anxiety attacks

Eating grass

Fill, intestinal obstruction

Drinking continuously and large quantities

Diabetes, renal problems

A sick dog's diet

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