Food - Nutrition related problems in dogs

food related problems in dogs: Another behavior problem dogs sometimes get is food related. Dogs are naturally voracious; however, when a dog starts to eat in a compulsive way, it could mean that he is suffering from anxiety or pathologic boredom. When this type of behavior occurs it's necessary to check the dog. If a health problem is discarded in this check up, you will need to start looking into the lifestyle of the dog until finding the root of the problem. When a dog only shows interest in food, try feeding him his serving of food inside a plastic cube so that he has to bang at it and force it out. This will help the dog take longer at eating it. There are also occasions in which a dog losses interest in food. This kind of thing usually happens when a dog has lost a friend, or misses a previous owner, however, the dog's appetite comes back fairly soon. If your dog has lost his appetite because of his age, you will need to pay special attention to what type of food you can get him used to and that he will like. You can motivate him to try out new types of food like fish or chicken. Another very distasteful habit dogs sometimes acquire is that of eating their own feces, or of other animals. This type of revolting habit begins manifesting itself when the dog is just a puppy, and it is relatively harmless for the dog, however, it is so nauseating for some dog owners that they resort to getting rid of the dog. If your dog has this problem, you need to take him to the veterinarian to see if he has a disease. Make sure that you are feeding your dog the correct amount of food and a balanced diet. Sometimes feeding the dog smaller amounts of food, three or four times a day, works, rather than just feeding the dog two bigger amounts a day. There are also some tricks you can try like feeding your dog pineapple in his food, and then when the dog eats his feces, they will have a bitter taste and most likely he won't eat them anymore.

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